Partner FAQ

How do I apply to be a MCPEnation Partner

You can apply by sending our channel a Private message on YouTube with the title mcpenationpartner and give your skype and/or email.

What do I need to apply

You only need to meet 3 simple requirements:

You are subscribed to our channel

You have our channel featured on your channel

You have at least 5 Minecraft PE videos on your channel


How do I upload videos to the MCPEnation channel

When we accept your application we will send you your directors email were you send the videos you want to upload, along with some types of videos we will not accept

I don't know how to feature your channel

Well you can go your your channel and on the right side you will se a bar that says featured channels, click on that and type in then click + and after that hit apply

I met all of the requirements why was my application turned down


Even if you meet all of the requirements we still have to like your videos maybe try making more videos with commentary.
Usually we are looking for someone who has good commentary and/or cool short videos such as time lapses 

Wait how do I even get to my channel


You can get to your channel by going on the computer, or on your mobile device by going to youtube on safari 
and typing in your channel name.


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